Previous Work


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Rembert, D., Henderson, H., and Threadcraft-Walker, W. (Forthcoming). Predicting Youth on Staff Assault in Juvenile Correctional Facilities. Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research.

Book Reviews

Threadcraft-Walker, W. (2016). [Review of The History of Racial Tracking in American Criminal Justice by Nina Moore]. Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review

Threadcraft-Walker, W. (2015). [Review of the book Culture of desistance: Rehabilitation, reintegration and ethnic minorities by Adam Calverly]. Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology, 3(2), 257-259.

Popular Culture Media Outlets

Threadcraft-Walker, W. (2015). The old normal: A tradition of violence toward black women. The Huffington Post

Technical Report

Target Hunger Annual Report, 2013-2014 

In Progress

Wilson, F., Henderson, H.,Threadcraft-Walker, W. and Wilson, F. (2016). Depictions of police officer use of force recipients in the first four decades of the core cop film genre: Symbolically annihilating Black recipients from public conscience

Threadcraft-Walker, W., White, D., and Henderson, H. (2016) Racially predictive equity: Probationer assessment of a commonly utilized assessment instrument among Asian populations.

Threadcraft-Walker, W. (2016). Who? When? Where? An evaluation of demographic and contextual factors on probation outcomes.



Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review

Corrections: Policy, Practice, and Research 


Houston Community College, Trio Program, 2015. Research Assistant.

Diversion Male Court, Dallas County, 2016. Research Assistant.

Body Worn Camera Program, Houston Police Dpt., 2016. Research Assistant.


2015 – 2016     Graduate Research Assistant.  IBSS-EX:  Exploring Recidivism Through a Tablet-Based Battery to Assess Individual Decision Making. National Science Foundation.

2015 – 2016     Examining the Impact of Houston Police Department Body Cameras on Uses of Force and Citizen Complaints.

2015 – 2016     Graduate Research Assistant.  Evaluation of the Dallas County Diversion Male Court Program, Texas Southern University.


Family Caregivers and Potential Child Abuse and Death. Paper presented at the Family Strengths Symposium, (Houston, TX, September 25, 2013). Presenter.

Restorative Justice in Juvenile Specialty Courts: It’s a Girl Thing! Paper presented at the Southwestern Academy of Criminal Justice annual meeting, (San Antonio, TX, September 26-28, 2013). Presenter.

Understanding Filicide and the Motives for Child Death. Paper presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Science annual meeting (Philadelphia, PA, February 18-22, 2014). Presenter.

Youth on Staff Assault: A Validation Study of the Positive Achievement Change Tool in a Juvenile Correctional Setting. American Society of Criminology, November 2015, (Washington, DC, November 18-21, 2015). Presenter.

Race, Gender, and Crime: An Intersectional Application of Offending. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminologists annual meeting, (New Orleans, LA, November 16-18, 2016). Presenter.


2011 Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation Viola Butler Scholarship

2011 University of Houston Downtown Jones Scholarship

2012 Dr. Polly Sparks Turner Award

2015 Texas Southern University General Scholarship

2016 Texas Southern University General Scholarship


Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences


Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Fraternity

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.